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A tried-and-true routine that works well for my very picky, combination, sensitive skin.

This cleanser is a great "first pass" to remove most makeup and impurities. Since cleansers don't stay on your skin long, they just need to get in there and get the job (of cleansing) done - leave the real work to your order products. This one does not strip your skin at all - so you'll retain the good natural oils you want, and won't end up with that tight, dry feeling. 


These cotton pads have a soft side and a textured side, which is a great substitute for harsher physical exfoliants (like face scrubs). The textured side does a great job of removing any little "flakies" and makeup, but doesn't irritate or over-exfoliate. The soft side is perfect for morning toner (and I love not having to buy a separate product).


This is the perfect product to apply after you've used one of the peel pads. It's so soothing, and provides extra protection against over-drying. I love the simplicity of it - basically just ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin B5. Nothing irritating, just moisturizing, hydrating, and smoothing.


I've honestly never found an eye cream that was lifechanging, but this one gives me the most noticeable results of any I've tried. It truly does help plump and moisturize the under-eye and outer-eye areas. The texture is a bit thick, so it works better at bedtime - not under makeup.


I use this super-mild toner in the mornings in lieu of actually washing my face (it would be too drying for me). This toner leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean, and awake. I do not use it for removing makeup, even though it says it can - the proper makeup remover I use works infinitely better. On days that I don't wear makeup, sometimes I use this mid-day just because it makes my skin feel so good.


This makeup remover has been a gamechanger in my skincare routine. It's for your whole face - not just your eye area (although it does do a great job on even waterproof mascara). When you wear foundation, it's a must for ensuring you really get it all off. If I skip this, I'm guaranteed to get clogged pores. Leaves your face feeling hydrated and supple, not dry and tight.


These exfoliate like none other. My skin LOVES glycolic acid (which took me years to pinpoint!), so I use 20% strength, but the 10% strength works very well too. For me, glycolic acid is the absolute best ingredient for brightening and evening skintone and preventing/treating breakouts. Make sure you give these time to work their magic - your skin may have to adjust.


Put this on at night, and wake up without fine lines. It's my all-time favorite skincare product. I love the effectiveness of retinol, but when I used it I always ended up peeling skin - until this came along. It always worked so well on my forehead (and never broke me out), that I finally took the chance on using it all over my face - and I've never looked back. It also does wonders for my overall skin texture and appearance.


The best product I've found that is intensely moisturizing without causing breakouts. It is really versatile too - you can use a thin layer as a moisturizer, slather it on and sleep in it as a deep-moisture mask, or apply it around your eyes and lips for extra hydration in those areas.


When I need a little extra hydration, I like using this after the makeup remover during my nighttime skincare routine, or in the morning instead of the other toner. It has hyaluronic acid, and provides that extra "replenishing" moisture to help help with dehydration, dullness, and redness. It's also anti-aging, which couldn't hurt.

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